Review ~ Devin’s Dilemma by Simone Beaudelaire

Devin's Dilemma (The Victorians Book 2)Devin’s Dilemma by Simone Beaudelaire
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My Review:

I love historical novels and I jumped at the chance to give an honest review in exchange for an ARC.

Harry is the heroine, I loved how different and clever her name was, which was Harita. Very pretty. Devin, her love interest seemed so sweet and honest and kind to me, and I found him to be a great match for Harry.

Their romance started so nicely, Devin catching Harry and her cousin out while they’d walk in Brighton. Then he wanted to court her and little by little we got to see what Harry’s life was really like. The poor girl broke my heart. She was employed by her uncle and his daughter’s maid servant. Tons of stuff happens, and I really don’t want to give the story away in my review, so I’ll say her uncle is a hypocrite and sleaze bag. Can you tell I really dislike him?

He stepped in and made the union between Devin and Harry almost impossible, which takes us from England to India in a long steamboat excursion, where everyone was under the impressionHarry was a whore. It was truly awful!

Anyway, luckily there’s a happy ending! There were tons of parts where I actually sat forward in an anxious mess during the journey to India. The story was action packed, sweet, sexy… very sexy, and romantic! All of the headaches, journeys, and times spent apart was worth it in the end. However, the journey to get there was truly a great one. This was the first time I’ve read Simone’s work and I loved it. I’ll definitely be reading her other books!!


Brighton, England, 1856.

For young solicitor-at-law Devin Bennett, building his career is his foremost goal. Love and the future are far from his thoughts. So when he makes a business connection to Sir Malcolm Fletcher, his main concern is to disentangle the man’s complicated finances.

The last thing he expects is Harry. Lady’s maid and chaperon to Fletcher’s daughter, Harry is an intense, intelligent and interesting girl Devin can’t stop dreaming about. But Devin is aware Harry is hiding something dark from him, something that might just tear them apart and whisk Harry off to the far side of the world and into a dangerous situation.

From the sea-swept beauty of Brighton to exotic Bombay, the Bennett family saga continues in another tale of love beyond the limits of injustice.

Note: Contains graphic sexual content.