The New Stylebox ~ September ~ WOOT!!

The New Stylebox!! You won’t want to pass this up!

Jenn's Jam Nails

StyleBox is changing! This September, StyleBox subscribers will be receiving one of three distinct boxes–classic, feminine or trendy! Each with 2 designs exclusive to your signature style!

A common question from customers is, “Since I’m taking a quiz to determine my style, why are all the StyleBoxes the same?” Well, that was a great question, but it’s not valid any longer!! Nope!! Surprise!! Now, you’ll be able choose your signature style, either Classic, Trendy, or Feminine AND you have to option of changing your style based on a preview of each month’s 3 different boxes! Yup! No joke! We’ll be able to preview each box before it is shipped, and choose which one we actually want to receive! This is seriously EPIC! Get your HERE!

 photo My Stylebox_zpsmb2lddd2.jpg

All three boxes will still include 2 exclusive items each, either wraps or lacquers, with no overlap! That means, each box will be unique from the others with…

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