Review ~ Breaking Free by Cara Dee

Breaking Free (Breaking Free, #1)Breaking Free by Cara Dee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely LOVE this story and these two incredible characters. A story has so much more meaning to me when the main characters grow during their journey–when you know they’ve learned something. Sophie grows so much in this book and, even though she’s a brat in the beginning, she becomes so much more likable than she started off. And, I could see underneath all that tough behavior she put off that she was truly and deeply a genuinely nice person. That struck something with me. And Tennyson, even though he lived an isolated life (closing himself off from others), he bloomed and opened up with Sophie. There’s an age difference between these two, and I actually love that a lot!! The story is just so … incredible!! Read it, seriously! You’ll love it!

Breaking Free is on sale for .99 and the sequel, With Brave Wings, is up for Preorder for its August 25th release!!

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