Sail Away with Jamberry’s August Stylebox

Jenn's Jam Nails

August Stylebox is a summer personified!! It has that Nautical look to it that is so classy and these wraps are fun!!
How can pass up the awesome offer Stylebox is? Stylebox is only $25.00!! That’s IT!! Buying two sheets of wraps costs $30.00, so you’re already ahead of the game, because the box always comes with either two sheets or a sheet and a lacquer. PLUS, it comes with tools: a nail file, orange stick, and sometimes little scissors. But this time, you’ll get an early sample accent sheet with 5 wraps from the new catalog. Jamberry is always on-trend. You’ll get the most up to date looks out there with the Stylebox. It seriously is a deal you’d be crazy to pass up.

Take a look at this fun video!


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