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Jenn's Jam Nails

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I’m sure you’re asking? … What is Nail Art Studio? & How can it help me?

Regardless of the business we’re in, authors, sales, customer service, etc … We all have a brand that we’d love everyone to see and recognize, just like you’d recognize the “Golden Arches” for what it is.

Well, what better way to get your brand out there and recognized than to have it on the fingers of your readers. Not to mention we’re always looking into new and original swag to give out. How much more original can you get than nail wraps?

That’s where Nail Art Studio comes in. NAS (Nail Art Studio) is actually a feature Jamberry Nails Wraps has on their website where you can create your own nail design. So how would this work for you? Well, on each sheet there are 18 nail wraps and each one could contain your…

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