How I Slap On my Jams: An Application Tutorial

Jam Nail Wrap Application Instructions by Jess.

Enjoying Jams

The fun thing about jams is how incredibly versatile they are.  As long as three factors are taken care of [heat, pressure, and nail dry-ness] , you can apply them lots of different ways.  I’ve even heard of someone microwaving their jams to heat them up.

This is the method I use, which is really a combination of the classic method and the baggie method.

Phase 1:  Nail Prep
You will need…
•    Something to push back your cuticles (this could be your fingernails, a cuticle spoon, an orange-stick, cuticle pusher, or a cuticle clipper if you’re really adventurous).
•    Alcohol or acetone.
•    Cotton balls
•    A sink and soap

Step 1:  Push back all the cuticles.  All of them.  Even the invisible ones, which you’ll be shocked are living right on top of your nail bed toward the base of your nail, if you…

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