Turning the tables on book bloggers with a HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Colleen Hoover and several other authors are turning the tables on Bloggers! Check it out! 🙂

Colleen Hoover

The first few months after the release of SLAMMED last January, it was, to say the least, exciting.  I wasn’t selling many books.  Maybe two or three a day, but it was two or three more than I would have sold had I never sat down and wrote the book.  It was mind boggling to me that someone out there in the world was reading something I created. I made about thirty cents per book at the time, so my husband and I were absolutely stoked that we might be able to pay the water bill with my book income.  We were very easy to please.

Then something happened that completely changed things.  I can’t say it happened overnight, since it was a chain of events that led up to this point, but it sure seemed overnight.  A random reader (Hi, Christina!) read Slammed and loved it.  In turn, she…

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