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When Lance McCarthy chose Ibiza for his holiday destination, he didn’t expect to spend the week with Malachy Walsh, an Irish man dressed in blue striped pyjamas.

La Cala is an erotic short story that may well bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.


I leaned in nearer so he would hear me. “I’ll buy. It’s the least I can do.”
As I pulled back and studied his face to see if he had heard me, he showed no sign of it and I wondered if maybe he didn’t speak English at all. He hadn’t responded when I had apologised twice and now he just stared at me. I held up my wallet and pulled out some money to try and show that I would pay for his drink. He looked to the Euros I held and then back to my eyes, before he finally gave a nod to show he understood.
While his drink was being replenished, I gestured to the server to pour a second one for me. My throat was still dry, a mix of the dancing and the shock of the stud who tugged at his soaked pyjama shirt beside me. One beer was placed in front of him and the second was in front of me a moment after. I handed over the money and waved a hand to gesture for the server to keep the change, it was a reasonable sized tip anyway. I took a much needed gulp of my drink, flicking my eyes towards the man standing beside me as he copied and drank too.
Then he turned to face me and stepped a little closer, leaning up on his toes a couple of inches to reach my ear. The music was loud, but I heard him clearly, his body so close to mine that I was sure some beer transferred from his shirt to my own.
“What’s the most you can do?” he asked.





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