Great News and More News

Go see what news the author in me has! 🙂

Jennifer Garcia, Author

Great News

Well, I’d like to start off by sharing my excitement. I woke up today to find my first book, a short story, posted on Goodreads. Why is that exciting? I poured my time, love, and heart into writing that story that I want to share with everyone. Once I finished writing it, I felt disconnected from it. Like, okay, it’s done now time to move on to something else. Then I went through editing and it still felt unreal–surreal. But when I saw the first real step, proof that it is really happening, When I saw my name on Goodreads with the book title above it, I nearly had an anxiety attack. This is really happening! I think my arms are going to be bruised from pinching myself so much. 🙂

Here’s the listing on Goodreads. In My Mother’s Footsteps by Forbes Arnone Please check it out and…

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