Meet My Guest ~ Author ~ B.F. Betty

I’m so excited to have B.F. Betty as a guest today. She is an author with the publishing company I work with,                   Renaissance Romance Publishing

So, let’s get to know her better. 

B.F. Betty

B.F. Betty lives in a rural small town in Northern Texas. Her passion for the written words led her to a lifetime of searching for the perfect character that would carry her away to her happily ever after. Instead of waiting for them to find her, B.F. decided to search them out. With each new book, she finds another piece of happiness and joy.






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Do you suffer from sleepwalking?

 I do walk in my sleep, which is both funny and scary. Once, I got up, dressed for school, and was almost out the door when my mom found me. I shudder to think of what could have happened if she hadn’t.

What’s your bad quality?

I think I’m too nice. Sounds silly, right? But it’s true! I’m too nice. I have a hard time telling people no because if I tell them no, they might not like me anymore and I have an uncontrollable need for people to like me.

Which is your most favorite book ever?

A book entitled “The Happy Kitten.” I can’t even remember who wrote it, it was one of those silly little Golden Books my mother would buy at the grocery store, but without that book, I wouldn’t be the reader or writer that I am now. I struggled with reading when I was in school. I’m dyslexic and thought that it meant I was stupid. But then my mom started sitting with me every night and we would read “The Happy Kitten” over and over. If it wasn’t for that book and my mom, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. So, it’s my favorite book.

What kind of music do you like?

I love all kinds of music. Everything from hard rock, to alternative, to pop and county. Mostly, I love music that feeds my soul.

 Which is your favorite genre of movies? (Comedy/Romance/Suspense/Action/Horror)

 I love them all! My husband and I own like over five hundred DVD’s. There really isn’t a movie that we don’t love.

 What do you do when you feel very sad or depressed?

 I cry. A lot. I scream, I yell, I pick fights. Then I take a deep breath and try to move on. It’s irrational but it’s how I deal.

 What kind of kid were you, naughty or nice?

 I was a good kid. Didn’t get into a lot of trouble, made good grades, was involved in my school’s activities.

What is your idea of fun?

I love to writer, clearly. I read, I sing, I dance. I laugh.  I find fun in everything I do, at least I try to.

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Here’s her book, please check it out. 


The Apartment

In his line of work as a private investigator, Sebastian Marks has seen it all. At least he thought he had until he meets international singing sensation, Eve Hall. When a stalker threatens her wellbeing, she begrudgingly agrees to move in with Sebastian.

Though neither of them is happy with the arrangement, they find themselves drawn to the other. Will they be able fight the growing attraction? Or will they give in to the passion sizzling between them?

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She had just placed her plate on the nightstand when her new cell phone started ringing. Without thinking, she grabbed it and flipped it open. “Hello.”

“Well, hello to you, Eve,” cooed a deep, creepy voice. Scrambling off her bed, Eve’s heart began to race. “I’ve missed you. Have you missed me?”

With tears swimming in her eyes, she stumbled out into the hallway. Instead of knocking, she threw Sebastian’s door. He began to glare at her until he noticed the fear in her eyes. Before he could question her about what was going on, she turned on the speakerphone. “Who is this?”

“Oh, buttercup, I love when you play these little games,” her caller teased. “Just like that night. You looked right at me, seducing me with your body.” The person on the phone released a heavy breath. “Just the memory of you standing there with sweat dripping down your face gets me excited. Where have you been hiding yourself? It’s like you’re just waiting for me to hunt you down.”

“Leave me alone,” Eve whispered, dropping to her knees. In a heartbeat, Sebastian was at her side, his arm sliding around her waist in an effort to keep her up. “Please, just leave me alone.”

A sardonic laugh trickled through the earpiece. “One day soon you’ll be mine, buttercup. I promise.”

With a click, they hung up. Eve’s phone slipped through her fingers, falling to the floor. Bringing her hand up to her mouth, she pushed Sebastian away and crawled into the bathroom, barely making it to the toilet before she found herself heaving.

Sebastian grabbed a wash cloth and ran it under cold water before draping it over the back of her neck. Through her tears, she turned and looked at him, her plea slipping between her trembling lips, “Stop him.”

With one last breath, everything faded to black.