Daily Writing Prompt : Honesty

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What’s the one thing you hope other people never say about you?

Every time I run this question through my mind and I come up with a word, it always goes back to honesty.

But first let me say this… I don’t really care what people call me. When you’ve been called every name in the book, they seem quite inconsequential after a while. I was picked on profusely as a child. I’ve been called things such as … Guinea, WOP, ugly, big-nosed, different, fat, skinny, too short, bitch, crazy, too tall, etc… Kids are cruel and anything that’s different is picked on. Others call people names in jealousy, others out of hatred, but most of all because of how they feel about themselves.

Some of those names are true others not so much. Do I care anymore… Hell No! I grew up and grew to know who I am and I am happy with that person.

I thought about the words I would dislike … selfish … no, I’m not selfish. I help who I can, when I can and I don’t care if people think I don’t. A failure … nope not that either. I know I’m not and again don’t care. Everything I have set my sites and will on, I have achieved.

I suppose the only thing that would bother me would be dishonest. I try to be honest in everything I do and say. Something I’ve learned over the years is  that the only thing we have and can be honored for truly is our honesty. Being honest covers so many layers. Be honest with yourself, accept who you are or be honest enough to admit you must better yourself. Be honest with others, in your work, in your love, and in all of your efforts. It pays off. It’s a work in progress, so get to working!!