Daily Writing Prompt: My Lost Extended Family

Let’s dive right in! Here’s your prompt for today:

Write about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost.

When I was sixteen I moved from my home in Boston to live with my dad in Los Angeles. I left behind my home, mother, cousins, and friends. I left behind all things comfortable and known to me. That was about 26 years ago.

Over those years, I’ve gone back home and visited as much as possible. It was a minimum of three or four times a year. I put forth as much effort as a sixteen year knew how in keeping relationships with my family.

When I was younger I was close to my cousins. They were my siblings, we fought like siblings, and made up like siblings.

As we all grew up, gained responsibilities, and significant others things became strained even more. The distance was too great and people were too busy to put forth time for something that was not in front of you.

Over the years I’ve tried to rebuild, reconnect, and keep up those relationships, but it’s always been one sided. I’d eventually give up because who really wants to work on a relationship alone.

I see those same people getting together, sharing holidays, and everyday life moments, and I miss it all. I’ve flown home for their weddings and no attempt was made to attend mine. One cousin out of the ten I have sent me a card. A card!

I miss the connection. The big family settings. The holiday dinners with my crazy Italian family. I don’t have that here. I actually have zero family here in Los Angeles, except from my husband and kids.

You can only put forth so much effort until you just can’t do it anymore. With technology being as it is now, it would only take a quick text, message on Facebook, or an email to say hello. There really are no excuses … it is what it is.

The most precious thing I lost was my extended family.

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