Weekly Writing Challenge: Red

Here’s my Daily Writing Challenge!

Red is associated with anger, fire, danger, stop, and blood. In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy. We also paint our doors red. I see red as power, vitality, and love.

I love the color red.

The pictures below were taken in Maranello, Italy at the Ferrari Factory. Being Italian American I love all things Italian, and especially Ferraris.

You can see in the first big picture… my eldest son looks a bit upset… Red=Angry. I don’t remember why, but he was angry and pouting… kids.  😀

He came around and energized as we toured and was okay by the end.

But look at those cars… Red=Power, Prosperity, and Joy! I’d be joyed by owning one!! Wouldn’t you?

But most of all… Red=Love. The love of my family!! I love spending time with my family even when they’re upset. 😀

Add some red to your life.


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