Weekly Writing Challenge: Double Standards and Hypocrisy

The Daily Post at WordPress.com ‘s Weekly Theme is to do something different than we’re used to.

I’d like to rant a bit since lately I feel I haven’t done that enough. My online persona has turned into someone completely opposite from the real me. Online I tend to see things that bother me and instead of engaging and splattering my opinion all over it I usually just skim by and ignore it. So instead of holding it in, I’ll let it out here.

Double Standards and hypocrisy are two things that are quite annoying. And people are either so self-centered or too blind to see that they are doing it. When they’re called on it they claim victim of being attacked and bullied.

Let’s discuss the millions of different people we come in contact with everyday on social networks. Let’s take a look at the fact that out of those millions of people very few will agree on the same topic. Fine!! We all have the right to have our own opinion whether it’s right or wrong. I won’t ever try and take that away or belittle it. What I will do is come out of my online shell to defend those that become real victims to online attacks and bullying for having a difference of opinion.

Example: My friend openly dislikes a certain famous actress. She just doesn’t like her: the way she acts, looks, and treats the public. She is one in a group of maybe 100. She’s the minority. I want to make it clear that she does not attack those that like this actress; she just talks calmly on her own wall about her opinions. Well the hypocrisy comes to life when a group of actress likers come on and see that post and create their own post. Have I lost you yet?

They’ll post about their undying love of their most favorite actress in the world and then throw some hate for those that do not like her. Hmmm… But if you call them on their love they’ll cry victim and yell to the world how much they’re being bullied and attacked because of their love for said actress. Come on people. This actress doesn’t know or care about you from a hole in the wall. But that’s beside the point.

Anyway, why can’t people just have their own opinions and feel safe to speak about them without the constant fear of being attacked. Don’t make unmarked chicken-shit attacks on your wall. We all know who you’re addressing. You do this and in the same breath you ask that your opinion be respected. Hmph! Really?

We have to see the constant love for that actress all the time and we don’t complain! Is it not a double standard that you complain when you see the dislikes of that same actress?

How about you just surround yourself with like minded people since you can’t seem to accept people that disagree with you? But stop the bashing and being  hypocritical.

We all have the freedom of speech and it’s not nice to bash someone else for theirs just because it’s not in agreement with yours!

End Rant!

Wow, that was cleansing. Anyway, if you want to see other’s step out of their blogging box go to …. The Daily Post

Have a wonderful Monday!