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Healing the Faith by Michele Richard

Book Synopsis

Just saying “I do” was only the beginning for Alexia and Justin McNear. Now when their lives, loves, and faith are left in turmoil, they will have to fight even harder to heal themselves and their faith. Can two people already struggling help heal the communities they call home?
How do you rebuild after the loss of a child? After suffering a tragedy, are these two lost to each other forever?

With all the church’s money missing, the hunt for the tyrant ex-minister Mark will take Justin and his twin cousins away from their secluded, gated community and into the real world while leaving their wives behind to pick up the pieces. Can Justin survive it again?

Or will returning to the retreat that once abused him be his end?

Alexia, Madison, and Ginger will need to be strong and independent with their men gone. Left to raise their child alone, Alexia will make decisions that will affect their marriage and lives. Will they be the right ones?

Raised in a community where the men run everything, these three families will have to fight to survive the coming changes.

The temptations run high in this sequel to Mocked by Faith, but hope is not lost, and they will learn how to heal their faith.

Healing the Faith Excerpt

Alexia tensed at my side, clenching her eyes shut as she held her breath waiting for the last name to be called. “Justin McNear.”

“Yes!” I released my grip on her hand and leaped from my seat.

I should have looked at my wife, should have said I loved her again, but instead, I made my way to the stage to celebrate. The Council welcomed us with handshakes and hugs. At this point, the room had been filled with the cheers and the clatter of everyone moving to get closer. There was some clapping from those unable to break through the craziness.

Looking over the sea of parishioners, I searched for my family. Alexia was the only one I couldn’t find at first. When I finally found her, she was in the middle of a group hug with Madison and Ginger.

I elbowed Joey and Johnny then motioned toward their wives, indicating that we should join them in celebrating the news. None of us had expected what we found when we approached them.

They were clutching hands as promises of forever friends tumbled from their lips. The tears they were shedding weren’t tears of joy, but of heartbreak.

Startled, they pulled away from each other when Johnny gasped Ginger’s name.

Shaking her head, Ginger ran away from him and out the door. Johnny watched, speechless at her reaction, then took off running behind her.

Not sure what else to do, I’d reached out to hold my wife. Alexia had other ideas and pulled away, stomping her way back to our table.

“Alexia, wait! Don’t do this!” I implored, trying to catch up with her.

“I’m not, you are.” She sobbed in hysterics.

“Please? Don’t be mad.” My attempts to embrace her again failed.

“I don’t want you to go! Stay here, stay with us.” Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Let’s talk about this at home.” I hissed an exasperated breath, grabbing the baby and his diaper bag.

Being the lousy husband that I was, I stormed off, leaving her to say goodbye to her parents. Her reaction had infuriated me. Why couldn’t she see it my way? By the time she slid into the car, my need for alcohol had reached an all-time high. All I wanted was a beer so I could calm down enough to demand her support in this.


Guest Post by Michele Richard

You’d think after doing this so many times, it would get easier. I seem to be on constant tour. I blame my overactive mind that won’t stop giving me ideas for new novels or short stories. First: thank you so much for letting me stop in. Second: I wanted to talk to you about my newest re-release of Mocked by Faith – Healing the Faith. I never expected to be re-releasing in second edition or moving to a new publishing house. The experience has really been wonderful. I don’t regret the change. Many authors and readers alike have expressed their intrigue to how I came up with a series about different couples all afflicted by the same problem: the one thing they believe in the most mocking their every move. It seemed perfectly normal to me. Everyone reading this knows that feeling. We have all thought at one time in our lives we were being mocked or some cosmic force was conspiring against us. You can admit it. I have. So the idea was born of showing the different lives of couples and their endeavors to survive when life didn’t play nice. The series also crosses sub-genres. So my young adult readers of Mocked by Destiny won’t be reading the Christian romance Mocked by Faith which is written for adults due to content. Or maybe they will, since AARP has proven more 60+ year olds read more young adult books than young adults do. Also since each title is in itself a series those who read Mocked by Faith don’t have to read Mocked by Destiny first. But back to the book at hand! In Mocked by Faith, we follow Alexia and Justin when they are wed without meeting before their wedding. See their lives are dictated by their religion and in such a faith they believe in arranged marriages. That their creator, their parents are responsible for finding them the one person they deem perfect for their children. Before you ask, yes arranged marriages still happen in the U.S. everyday. And no, they are not always about non-Christian faiths. Just goggle it. It may surprise you. In Mocked by Faith – Healing the Faith, we get a look at what happens when an entire community must fight to correct a wrong and bring justice and security back to the people that had been hurt. In book two, Alexia and Justin must not only heal themselves but everyone they know and love. When they find themselves torn apart is healing even possible? You’ll have to read to find that out. I hope you’ll take this journey with them. I’ve been told this series needs a disclaimer. How would this one work? Disclaimer: Author is not responsible for broken windows due to readers pitching the book at them. Author is not liable for scared children when mommy yells at the book in her hands. Author is not connected to any facial tissue company dues increased sales from crying with the characters. Thank you again for letting me stop by! Michele Richard

Author Information

Michele Richard lives in a suburb of Boston, Mass. She’s the mother of two pre-teen daughters and the wife.

Michele Richard has created the Mocked series. From Mocked by Destiny to the trilogy Mocked by Faith, she writes what comes from the heart. A wife and the mother of two preteen girls, she spends her days spinning tales about what happens when what you believe in mocks your every turn.

When she’s not writing, her days are filled with her family, her bunny Geneva, and friends. Her greatest passions are learning new languages and traveling. She currently resides in the Northeastern part of the United States however; her family members live down the east coast as far as North Carolina.

She’s currently learning French and Spanish, and one day hopes to be fluent in both. Learning new things is always something she enjoys.

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