{DIY} confessions

Monday Funday! {okay, I know…laaame.}

My little family and I just got back from Tennessee a couple days ago and let me tell you…we left our house clean and within an hour of being home it looked like a tornado had hit. You know…walk in the door, throw down suitcases, pull out the kiddos toys, eat, now there is dirty dishes in the sink…need I say more? So today I have been scrambling around to make things tidy again. I have got the ‘clean freak’ vibe goin’ on. This feeling is few and far between friends….especially for a Monday!

I was scoping out blogs and my dear friend GOOGLE for quite some time trying to find a natural hard water stain removal product. I looked at hundreds {maybe hundreds is a little dramatic ;-)} 30 something recipes before I decided to just create my own remedy. I cleared off…

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