I Want to Know, Do you?

I saw this on another blog and there are 5 questions. 4 out of the 5 I answer and you all answer the fifth one. 😀 The idea came from this blog.






So here we go …

1. What was the toughest job you ever had?

The toughest job I ever had was when I was about 18 I worked for a car appraisal company. They appraised the cost of damage done to a car for Insurance Companies. The job itself was not difficult, it was the people I worked with. It was a family owned and run company and the husband and wife were having marital problems. Well, I had to witness fights upon fights between the married owners. It was very uncomfortable and unprofessional.

2. What one characteristic makes a good boss?

Honesty! If you can be honest in every aspect of managing then you will not only gain the respect of your employees but their trust as well. It’s better to tell one of them you don’t know the answer to their question but you’ll find out instead of making one up to look smarter. Or if you can’t answer the question then tell them so and when you can you will. When you’re honest you will work as hard as you can to do well for them. They will notice and come to you with any issue or problem, and be there to back you up when needed. Honesty is always best policy.

3. How did you celebrate ‘the end of summer’?

I spent the weekend with my family at home in between doing homework and getting in a bit of reading and writing.

4. Do you follow the fashion rules about Labour Day being the end of wearing white etc?

When I lived in Boston, yes. But I live in California now and I don’t even think that rule exists here. Although, I don’t really wear white often anyway.


Now here’s my question to you. Please comment below as I’m excited for you all to share.

5. What are you most looking forward to about Autumn?


Thank you everyone for participating. Hope you enjoyed your summer and look forward to Autumn.