Review ~ Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani

Very ValentineVery Valentine by Adriana Trigiani
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This was really good. Although I related to the story, I also got frustrated a few times with Roman and Valentine. I wanted so bad for them to make it work. However, their work came first, and that may not be such a bad thing.

They both worked hard and it was their priority. One owned a restaurant and the other the shoemaking business. It’s amazing to see/read how it’s all done. Being a business owner and trying to have a personal life.

However, Valetine finds herself in a place in her career where she needs to be creative and her brother stands in her way. The business suffers monetarily and Valentine wants to fix it and her brother just wants to sell and walk away.

Roman and Valentine just frustrated me so much.

Read and see if they can make it work. There is a second book as well, and a third coming out soon.

Other than that I loved the story. I am just a romantic at heart and like to see it worked out.

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