Review ~ Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani

Lucia, LuciaLucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani
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This is the third book of Adriana Trigiani’s I have read so far. I see a common theme in the three that I have read… family.

I almost despise her for making me yearn for a big family, only because I don’t have one. I love how vivid and descriptive she is. While reading you can see what you are reading. I say this with everyone of her books… I love the way she writes and uses words. I know a lot of people that do not like tons of descriptives and just want a meaty story, but not me. I love being sucked into a story so much so that I feel as if I was there. She goes to great lengths to paint such a clear picture for the reader, and it’s amazing how she does it.

It’s amazing what she does with words.

Lucia wanted a career, she also wanted love, but her career came first. She didn’t think she needed anyone. She was a seamstress that worked from the bottom up and eventually owned her own business. She married and had two children, but she never took time for a vacation or to just sit and relax with her husband. Time passes and you don’t realize what you’re missing until it’s gone. The problem is once it’s gone you can never get it back. Then you live with regret and always kicking yourself for the decisions you’ve made. She was independent, to an extreme.

I thought that Lucia’s dreams and hope were relatable to me as I am also a career woman, but I also needed a man in my life. Not for monetary support but for life support -a companion. She made many decisions that I would have made differently or maybe not at all. I didn’t agree with Lucia all the time.

The thing is like her father said we have blind spots and sometimes we just don’t see the truth. We live in the blind spot and are so caught up that we make poor decisions. Many people may not believe that she could be so stupid or ridiculous, but it can happen. She let her career and ambition rule her whole life and she missed out on her family -on love.

I love the writing in the book, and the story as well. It’s not a traditional HEA, but it’s one nonetheless.

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