New Book Series I found.

So, I just started this new series and I’ll tell ya, I’m hooked! The first book took 33 hours to listen to. Ah, yeah, another obsession -audiobooks- I can’t live with out. The book was amazing and the narrator sucked me into the book with her voices and narration. I think her name is Davina and she was wonderful!
Anyway, back to the book. So, it starts of with this English lady, Claire, that has been married for 6 years, but has only spent 6 months with her husband because he was off at war. So he’s back and they are getting used to being with each other when they go sight seeing. She goes alone to Stonehenge to pick some flowers and gets sucked into one of the rocks -time travel- and ends up in 18th Century Scotland. Meets this gang of clansmen and it takes on you 33 hours of adventure, tears, love, laughing, happiness, and romance. The author, Diana Gabaldon, writes it so well that she sucks you into the story and you become so invested in those characters. I just can’t say enough about it other than the fact that if you like to travel, explore, and discover new places then you should read this. It’s a series of 7 books. I hear the 2nd one in the series is heart wrenching, but I must truck on. And I should stop reading reviews on Goodreads, as it gives away too much info. I suggest you read them and tell me if you liked them. Enjoy!