The Diva Cup

There are quite a few products I use that I love. I mean, love! Things that I use everyday and that work so well I must share the excitement.

This first product is for women only so here it goes.

The first product I discovered online and was skeptical at first, but I researched it and gave it a try. The Diva Cup is a product that has changed my life. It is what my husband has dubbed as a vampire shot. The little cup (shot glass) is made of silicone and inserted like a diaphragm and catches your menstrual blood. I have since not had one leak, mess, or the need to wear panty liners. I have since ceased to buy pads or tampons. Imagine the savings. The Diva Cup is about $40.00 or less depending on where you buy it. It comes with use instructions and  care instructions. It’s all very simple and clean. Something that I would never give up and so happy I took the leap to try it.

Look into it… I bet it will change your life too!