New Obsession – Austen Sequels

I have recently discovered a whole lot of sequels to the different Austen books. The sequels I have recently begun to uncover are from Pride and Prejudice. If you love Austen as much as I do, and of course did not want any of them to end, then you should dig into them.

The first one I have read is Death Comes to Pemberley. I liked it just fine and thought it was a good entry into the world of Austen sequels.

Strange enough after I read that, I still didn’t know there were many more out there and went to the bookstore with my son. Well, one of the employees just so happened to be a HUGE Austen sequel reader and gave me some suggestions. So the one I am currently reading is Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife. It’s been okay and a bit difficult to get through the first 75 pages, but then it gets pretty interesting.

Take a peak at those… you may like them.